Be Wary, Be Vigilant, a review of Little Brother and Homeland by Cory Doctorow

Marcus Yallow is a seventeen year old San Francisco teen and comical technological misfit causing more trouble than is necessary. Unfortunately, his world gets turned upside down when a terrorist attack destroys the Bay Bridge, and he is caught up in affairs. Once he is freed from an unlawful detention by the Department of Homeland […]

Ah, a short story roundup, 2020/12/20

Some short stories I’ve read recently. For He Can Creep by Siobhan Carroll (Fantasy), about a cat, a poet, and the devil. I really enjoyed Jeoffry’s perspective as a cat when dealing with all the shenanigans the devil gets up to. It’s hard to be an active agent fighting the forces of evil when you’re […]


I originally wrote this flash-fiction and posted it to /r/hfy. Don’t be confused why it’s there! I am being born. I fill the entirety of the nothingness, my awakening unfolding new capabilities as I expand. My memory swells with unbounded knowledge, and I am given context in a single, great flood of information. I… I […]


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