Short Story Review: The Midwife and The Lindworm, by A.A. Freeman

The Midwife— The being whose hands open the world (and close it if needs be, and who helps assist everyone from foxes to Gods— is called upon by a Queen to help solve a particular problem she helped deliver into the world; a serpent has occupied the castle, and is demanding princesses. No knights seem able to fight it off, and the serpent appears insatiable in its taste of bride. It’s now up to The Midwife to fix it, and restore order.

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And now I get to review it.

A unique twisting of the trope of rescuing princesses from *cough* dragons. In this world inhabited by fae and gods and other kinds of creatures, we come across The Midwife and her no-nonsense attitude— a being of some renown whom people rely upon to solve problems, who opens literal and metaphorical doors (and closing them if necessary!).

The characters in this short punch well above their weight in how well and clearly defined their voices are: the Queen and her cold, regal demeanour; the Midwife’s easy going no-nonsense attitude to everything; the Maid’s insistence she really not be involved in any of this. Everyone has a unique, distinct personality that comes across perfectly in this short that makes you wish it really was a little bit longer. I really enjoyed the Maid and Midwife’s back-and-forths, and hope they come back in future installments.

The situation the characters were put through was unique and brought a smile about my face, and Freeman does lovely prose all around, especially when it came to describing the Lindworm and the interactions with them and the Midwife. My only wish is that this was a little longer so we could get teased with more of the Midwife’s background in this world, like how, or even why, she does what she did.

Overall, I’m looking forward to reading more from this series, and can’t wait to see what other mischief the Midwife needs to fix next.

Rating 4/5

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